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Who We Are

As you’ll probably gather pretty quickly from our site, is backed by a gaggle of folks who like to have fun. Heck, we’ll even take it a bit further and also say we think everyone should have fun. 

What We Do

We help spread the fun around by serving up a wide, wild and often wacky selection of man cave furniture, gifts, pub and sports accessories, parlor and gameroom décor, garage and outdoor items, grills and bars, lighting and neon, and mucho more. We make it easy to shop by personality, divvying up the goods into sections that feature the perfect items for different personality types. This includes the hippie, the hero, the Zen man, the sports fan, the movie buff, the sci-fi guy, the cowboy, the musician and a handful of others. We even have a category for the dude who is way, way out there. 

Why We Do It

Like it or not, everyone’s gotta work to make a living. We figured it would be a bit more amusing to make a living by delighting the masses with cool gadgets, geegaws and gifts then it would be to say, sweep up elephant waste. (No offense to the elephant waste workers.) So we acquired the website in early 2013, gave it a total overhaul, and intend to keep it stocked with unique man cave gifts, man cave furniture, décor and other stuff any guy would be proud to display in his man cave. The revamped site is also more than just another online shop. It’s a place to come for a well-deserved break, especially if you’re stuck sweeping elephant waste all day. You can check out useful blog posts, absurd videos or any of our latest, greatest and sometimes weirdest items. Skeleton toilet paper holder, anyone? Enjoy your visit!

To all of you, from all of us at The Man Cave - Thank you and Happy Cave Dwelling!